At the beginning of 2018 I leased a studio in Castro Valley, and renovated it with the help of my very handy hubby! It’s been so fun to see the transformation (before/after photos on my facebook!) and even more fun to start photographing clients in this great space! My favorite part about the studio is having an indoor option for bad weather days when a reschedule isn’t ideal, as well as a warm & cozy place for sitting/crawling babies. It’s especially nice because the lighting is beautiful all day long, giving me so much flexibility with scheduling session times. I’m loving the simplicity, and the beautiful light. For those who have done several sessions with me it’s nice to have something different! I’m still traveling to client homes for occasional newborn sessions, however the studio is a wonderful option for those who don’t necessarily want their home to be featured in their photos, or for anyone who is drawn to a simple, clean, minimalist aesthetic with guaranteed beautiful light. Here’s a peek inside!


In addition to all the usual newborn props/fabrics/wraps/etc, I’ve also started a studio wardrobe for the 6-12 month size range. Feel free to use anything you see for your baby’s session. You can see in more detail the kind of outfits I have available HERE! I’m a sucker for cute baby clothes so this collection is ever-growing. So many cute things are not pictured yet!


Here’s a peek at all the fun we’ve been having so far….